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Debt Collection Rates, Terms and Conditions


Debt Collection Contingency Rates

  • 15% Business/Commercial accounts less than 60 days from date of oldest invoice.

  • 20% Business/Commercial accounts less than 120 days from date of oldest invoice.

  • 25% Business/Commercial accounts less than 365 days from date of oldest invoice.

  • 30% Business/Commercial accounts exceeding 366 days from date of oldest invoice.

  • 35% Individual/Consumer accounts, returned checks and all accounts under $1,000.00.


Debt Collection Terms and Conditions

  • By executing this Collection Agreement/ Submitting claims on-line, Client authorizes Westhill Commercial Collections (WCC) to perform debt collection services according to these rates and terms and conditions on all accounts placed for collection, including reporting all debtors to the credit bureau.

  • Client authorizes WCC to receive and endorse, for the purpose of debt collection, any funds in all forms received by WCC for the purpose of remitting said principal to Client less any fee due WCC. Client agrees to pay WCC its full commission on accounts collected, paid direct to Client, withdrawn, waived or forgiven, product or services returned or received in lieu of payment, or settled from any source, after demand for payment has been made.

  • Client agrees to pay WCC a 10% fixed fee in the event an account was placed for collection having already been paid by the debtor prior to placement.

  • Client agrees to notify WHE immediately of any direct communication or payment from Debtor. Client agrees to pay WHE an additional 10% fee for any payments received directly by Client from Debtor that are not reported by Client to WHE within 10 days of receipt of payment.

Claims Not Accepted for Collection

  • Claims under US $500.00.

  • Small claims court judgments.

  • Claims without a current address.

  • Claims with no supporting documentation.

  • Claims against businesses that are out of business.

  • Claims related to the adult entertainment industry.

  • Other claims deemed unacceptable by Westhill Commercial Collections

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