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Skilled Collection Negotiators / In-house Attorney:

Our talented negotiators and attorney bring a robust and imaginative approach to collecting your debt. When negotiating, we are not limited by a lack of imagination. We are able to resolve any legitimate dispute or reason for delay and create workable solutions to recover your money.

Collections generally consist of consumers companies mailing their checks to us. However, given unique situations or requirements, payment or satisfaction of debt may require imagination and expertise, i.e., accelerated payment arrangements, wire transfers, etc. We have the experience and talent needed to recover your money. Litigation Available Nationwide/ Worldwide When needed.

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Attorney Based Debt Recovery System:

With our in house debt collection attorney that provide's us with on-site legal expertise,

We are able to “reach out and touch your consumers” wherever they may be. When reason and negotiation fail, Our attorney is able to litigate and execute the claim for us. 

We can sue your debtor, Not only does our collection attorney litigate your account, but they execute the judgment afterward. They are very aggressive in their approach and help bring the legal ramifications of non-payment to bear against your consumers.

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